Sliding Glass Door Replacement

This article goes to be about changing an old sliding glass door with a contemporary Vinyl frame sliding glass door. In case you at present have french doorways and also you need to replace them with sliding doors, or vise versa, future articles will cover that topic.

The first thing we now have to do is measure for the replacement door. You wish to measure throughout the underside, center, and top of the existing door frame to search out the narrowest dimension. Begin outside and measure on the point the place the old door frame stops and the outside material starts. That material will be stucco, siding, or brick. Measure throughout within the three places: bottom, middle, and top. Record the smallest dimension. Then go inside and do the identical thing. You need to measure the place the frame ends and the drywall, plaster, or sheetrock begins. Take all six measurements, discover the narrowest one, and deduct three/4″. That’s the width of the new door. Now, once you measure the height, you are able to do it just on the outside. Measure the left, middle, and proper side from the ground where the underside track sits, up to the highest where the old frame ends and the outside material begins. Take the narrowest dimension and deduct half”. That’s your height of the new door. Then, decide which side the sliding panel should be on. The fixed panel is designated by the letter “O”, and the slider is an “X”. In most areas of the country, you call it out by looking at the door from outside and reading left to right. So, if you were outside taking a look at your door, and you need the sliding panel to shut to the suitable wall, you’d ask for an “OX”. However, because i’ve not too long ago discovered that not all parts of the country do it this way, my suggestion is to ask the supplier how they read the opening earlier than putting your order.

Subsequent, it’s a must to resolve whether you need a retrofit frame or a replacement frame. If the old frame is flush with the outside material, such as within the case of stucco, then you definitely need to get the retrofit frame, which comes with the outside fin. That can get rid of the need to trim the outside. If in case you have brick or siding surrounding the opening, then it’s essential to get a substitute frame and trim the outside yourself. You need to use wood, vinyl, or other composite materials available in most main hardware store chains. You also need to measure the depth of the old frame. The majority of vinyl replacement doorways have a frame depth of four three/4″. Most door openings, when framed, have a depth of 5 1/2″ to the innermost surface of the wall, whether it’s drywall, plaster, or no matter else. Due to this fact, if you set up the new door, you will need to add some type of trim product to build the inside of the door frame so it’s flush with the wall surface.

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